Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Catfood Translyrics

Oh Miku you are such a little tsundere...

Originally sung by: Hatsune Miku
Translation Reference: animeyay

I’m dressed nicely so why?
won’t you please, let me stay dry.
Sky, please do not rain on me;
Oh no! Is that a raincloud I see!

I get cold. Water I can’t stand!
Wipe me dry, with your hands.
But you’re not here to meet my demands
Why don’t you understand?

I need your love, to be nice, warm, and fed.
I, my, me, mine. I aim straight ahead,

for "you", my sunshine.
Yes, I am a moody lady.
Yet, you are the one I still can’t find

Tears? No, it’s raindrops only
Freezing monochrome makes me feel lonely,
so find me, open your umbrella, and say "I'm sorry."

As the sunny weather turns rainy,
I‘ll find a roof that’s quite shady
Like a dream that’s fading, lalala...

That boy always folds his ears ,
my complaints he never hears .
Listen this time, without quarreling
Don't scold me, my nagging darling.

Stop looking quite so angry.
Nor should you look so happy
You're not my type, really 
but say that you love me.

You need friendship. That’s why we should never be apart.
You live for me. I aim straight for your heart.

Being honest is sort of selfish.
Please, since I love you best,
forgive me, I didn’t mean it honest

May be it’s just that you don’t like me,
tender and fussy is my identity.
My pride won’t let me say it, so don't expect a "sorry" 

If “that” you already comprehend 
even when my words don't express love or affection 
you should still understand

If  the food is cooked nicely , I'll let you eat with me.
If TV programs are funny, I'll let you watch with me.
If the bed’s warm and cozy, I'll let you sleep with me.
Besides all that, what else do you need? I'll ask gladly.

Though I pretend to be spoiled child 
Take me in, I am a yearning lady
Yet, you still don't understand my feelings.

I guess even our love is fading.
With teary eyes, I’ll say goodbye maybe
But, there you are, saying “Another day is rainy?"

If it’s still rainy weather
then under this roof will be my shelter,
forever and ever, lalala...

I say meow! Right by your side.
I say meow! In your arms I’ll be alright
I say meow! Why then can’t I still recite
even your name right?

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