Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Phantom Thieves Peter and Jenny Translyrics

Oh Len you're Rin's servant again, well at least they both look kawaii with cat ears and tails.  Is it just me of do most of Nem's songs have to do with cats?  Good thing I love cats. 

Phantom Thieves Peter and Jenny
Music/Lyrics: Nem
Art: Tama
English translation: Amesubs

If you’re our next victim, give up this isn’t a negotiation
There’s no thing in this world that cannot be stolen
Even the largest diamond in the world, won’t have enough security
Or a dress that actress was wearing as seen on TV
If there is something that you desire, feel free
To call for me

Melting into the black night
A glittering, gleaming pair of eyes
I won’t leave the smallest clue
By the time you notice
I’m already through
Well then, what do you want next?

If you have time for such silly things,
Then start working!
Next, a specimen of butterflies from an extinct species ….

If, you dare to accept another girl’s request, then
I’ll ***** you, okay?
With only things I love dearly
Lined up right next to me
I’ll create my own country
You are my current
faithful, loyal servant
Hey, you don’t object to this?

Melting into the black night
A Glittering, gleaming pair of eyes
Honestly, it’s really tiring
What, Now you complain?
“If it’s stolen you’re to blame”
Isn’t that the rule all the same?

Hey, those eyes,
When will they become mine?
Hah, that’s amusing
Sigh…what do you want this time?
(Well then, I think I want that this time!)

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