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Happy (Late) Halloween! That Girl is Not Scared of Me Translyrics

A shortie but perfect for Halloween.  The author's and composer's comments are extremely interesting and the song is catchy for a Halloween song.

Author's Comments
Trick or die?
If you bring back humans who've killed people, you'll come back to life.
That's a forbidden secret art which mustn't be done."

From Composer's Blog
"Trick or Treat?
Whoo-hoo, a fun Halloween. To be honest, I mingled with children in costume, and genuine ghosts played pranks for the fun half!
Genuine ghosts who have fun playing pranks just about every year. Appearing by chance at houses, children who smile even while hiding behind the adults who hand them candy. That girl is strange; that girl just won't get truly scared. How strange; this kind of thing has never happened until now. Perhaps she can see them? The genuine and perplexed ghosts. How could this be? Huh? Do I know this girl? My forgotten memory is coming back little by little.
'That's right, this kid did kill ME.'
If you bring back humans who've killed people, you'll come back to life. That's a forbidden secret art which mustn't be done. That's why my memory of an eminent person from the other world... My memory almost never comes back. However, that memory will come back from strong thoughts anyway if I put the person who killed myself before my eyes.
'Why did you? Why did you? Why did you? Why did you!'
I detest coming back to life, so I get angry. Eyes that are lifted up, a mouth that gets big enough to tear, I'm quaking in anger that wells up. However, that dreadful face suddenly changed into a smile.
'With this, I will live again.'
Yes, that girl who isn't scared is a reborn murderer. A murderer who lived again via a forbidden secret art.
Trick or Treat? no, Trick or die.
A Halloween that was supposed to be fun; when in truth, murderers would live again, and they would surround every house in order to find other reborn murderers. If you commit murder, you'll fall into a negative rotation of eternally killing and being killed.
That's why it's bad for any good child to consider something like murder. ☆"

Upload Date: 10/24/11
Vocals: 初音ミク - Hatsune Miku append dark
Composer: うたたP - UtataP
Lyricist: Moca
Illustrator: ゆうき刻兎 - Yūki Kokuto
Translation Reference: Berry Subs

That Girl is Not Scared of Me

Floating, Hiding, but that girl is quite a calm thing
Creating chaos, and lots of terror, that girl, I just can’t scare her
I sneak up, from behind, but only she does not mind
My face is scary, my voice is vile, but that girl simply smiles

How can this be? Aren’t I scary? Are you calm just for ME?
What do you hear? What will you say? Why are you smiling anyway?
You know them too? MY FRIENDS? WHO are YOU? Were you sent?
I had forgotten, but now I see; You are THAT person, why did you kill ME?

Why did you kill me? Why did you kill me? Why did you kill me? Why did you kill me!

You want to live? My aren't you SNEAKY. YOU the one who sees me
Just quit? It’s useless? YOU know it
Goodbye. Hello there. Now time to be scared.
Now I know, it’s the time when, I shall be reborn, I live again

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