Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Clean Freak Translyrics

Clean Freak- GUMI
Music/Lyrics: Scop
Movie: Avogado 6
Translation Reference: Amesubs
Author’s comment: a dirty me in this dirty world
Personal comment: I’m really cynical so everything he said actually didn’t really bother me is that sad? Notes at 1:50 darari, darari, pu,pa,pu,pa whatever GUMI is saying is onomatopoeic for heads exploding? so I made do with that…

So unclean, so they seem, these useless emotions
They play, in the way of our stupid notions
Everyone. Having fun? Let’s all be happy
It’s not so, let it go, we’re too dirty.

“Everyone’s different” people claim
Our VALUES and PLEASURES are the same
But if we make mistakes, we just shrug
Saying “we’re only human” it’s what we want

So then, let’s write it, the real story
Definitions, of this life, don’t be sorry
These ideals, are not real, there’s no sense  
In perfect people, much too innocent

So then when we say we’re wounded and lonely
We don’t really understand we’re just pretending
we’re replacing love with satisfaction
Did we really understand anything?

The human race at any rate
Is so useless, coming way too late
instincts so lenient
seeking only convenience

Our feelings don’t mean a thing
our hearts are stone slowly sinking
the disaster we all seek
is so dirty, please don’t touch me

Sob stories, continue, as if we care
Jeering, sneering everywhere
Even though, it’s not a laughing matter
We laugh, anyway which is so much sadder

You worry, frantically about what others see
It’s silly, are we, friends or enemies?
Your thoughts, are actually, pretty dangerous
If you don’t watch out they’ll burst and pop

Why is it that we’re always so greedy?
Throwing people away like trash, moving on too easily
Finding another toy to play with just because it’s new
Saying “I don’t love anyone but you”

In the end, no matter what we wish
humans are quite SELFISH
We’re always wanting more
Dying us in a dirty color

I just want to fall asleep
I can’t bear any more hypocrisy
This life just leaves me crying
Look, don’t get any closer to me

Night gives life to overflowing dreams
Morning embraces hope shining
moving forward with no help
“Wait, please don’t push yourself.”

But nobody would say that to me
Even though I’m crying and struggling
How many times will this scene repeat?
It’s too much, because I’m a clean freak
Nothing more, nothing more I want to see

The human race at any rate
Is so useless, coming way too late
This is world full of fault
making even breathing difficult.

Everyone knows, and if that’s so,
Why is it that we still haven’t changed?
So I guess we’re out of time
I don’t care, I’m done

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