Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Rockbell Translyrics

Awesome new song by Honeyworks!It's so cute and sad, I worked really hard on these to make them rhyme yet still make logical enjoy!  My lyrics have to rhyme because I'm OCD like that....I'll probably be translyricing something recent like Clean Freak with GUMI or Undefined by Tiara with Miku next.

Music/Lyrics/Awesomeness: Honeyworks
Translation References: descent87, Coleena Wu/LaXnyd, vgboy

If you notice and look around the town is actually breathing
Papa and mama always fighting seems to be an everyday routine

Walking and talking with others to school, isn’t my idea of fun
Sometimes rocks are thrown my way, so tagging behind, I’ll just run, run, run

Classes are so boring, I sneak out at noon everyday
Anxiously like snoring, the blustery breeze blows my way

If a world without me exists, a spinning parallel dimension all the same
This burning shell makes me listless,
so leave it for a town with an unknown name
The sights I see, the scents I smell, the sounds I hear and taste as well
I thought they’d be the same by now, but if they’re not, please explain how!

Even though I’m old enough to stand, she still pets me with her hand
It’s not exactly what I prefer, but I would like some snacks from her

Napping beside my mama dear, fast asleep as I can hear
Dreaming everyone disappeared, with a start, I wake up full of fear

Feeling uneasy, I shake her cause I’m about to cry
She’s hot and her breathing, is strained but I do not know why

Can anybody hear my voice? I cannot hear even one word in return
"Help!", I find myself running outside,
but no one cares or is aware how will they learn?
These hands of mine I cannot use, he glares at me, not amused
I look in his eyes and they’re pretty clear, he’s telling me “you’re not wanted here”

All these emotions which cause me pain, I bundle them up and cast them away
Into the orange and violet sky, the rain lifts, leave myself behind

I dash off as the rain dissipates, a fur covered cat at any rate
Spilled milk always makes a mess, but crying over it is so useless
The sights I see, the scents I smell, the sounds I hear and taste as well
This new town is sort of chilly, but that’s just fine with me

Hey, what is your name? Do you have any friends with whom you play
Do you have a family? well.. I guess I’ll let you walk with me
These hands of mine I cannot use, are stroked by yours so warm and true
I told myself that I’d never cry, but that’s not true so hold me tight

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