Friday, February 8, 2013

Heimdall’s Horn English Lyrics

Heimdall’s Horn-Hatsune Miku
Music/Lyrics KulfiQ
Translation Reference: Negriger

Heimdall or Heimdallr is the watchmen of the gods in Norse mythology he sounds his horn which may be heard throughout heaven, the earth, and the underworld, to summon the gods when their enemies the giants approached.  I adore this song it sounds sort of like Dream Crow Shadow by kous, but that;’s just a personal opinion.  I love Dark Append it’s my weakness… 

Resounding around us, a world ending call, marking the end of all that we know
A flower falls, but no one seems to notice it at all
Ships set sail to the destination, written in the constellations
I will wait through the years until the moment the sun disappears

Asgard is full of wars, never ending
What is worth stealing and defending?
This world becomes dirtier than mud
Dying my vision red as blood
Love, Ability, Glory, Roaring
We can’t help but desire, we can’t resist
Debts, Forgetting, Painful, Destroying
If only they did not exist

I’ll play this horn, until I have nothing more

Flowers blooming
Birds singing
The wind shaking
The moon waxing
The past erasing
The present remaining
Even so, music’s still playing
Bravery, Ambition, Siege, Fantasy, Losing hope in eternity
Limits, Return, Resolution, Empty
Return to the sky where we all can be

I’ll sound this call, until you hear, it in your ear,
I’ll sound it for you my friend, until the very end

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