Saturday, May 25, 2013

Magenta Translyrics

Magenta-Hatsune Miku and GUMI

Music/Lyrics: Diarays

Translation reference: zcatcracker

DIARAYS!!!!!They’re such a talented group if you haven’t subscribed to them…go! Now!  If I could say one thing about the PV: DADA.  I think the PV and song are supposed to represent the worthlessness and meaningless of life, and I interpreted the song as being about a boy who doesn’t want to live in the world anymore so he becomes someone he isn’t to escape reality.

Show time finally,
Draw it in pastels
Done with your edits?
It’s already Monday
The girl bought the grail
Destroyed it quickly
Your wild wails
Become prayers to a deaf God,
You pray, to just fade away,
Disappear from sight, hide away, from the white lies

Stupid, stupid everything
Broken cities, breaking me
A world full of stupid fools
Who can I listen to?

“You can’t keep fighting forever you know”
Says the Grim Reaper wearing a tuxedo

My mind can’t take
All this hate
Bursting out
Screams and shouts
B1: in front
B2: of you
B3: of me
Sinner? No way

When I grow big and strong
I’ll do this I’ll do that, you’re all wrong

Leaping out
To my heart
Melting now
This scandalous story
Every part
Of my heart
Gives in to
A suicide plot,
just put me in handcuffs

Please, please comfort me?

I see it now the truth
Real life is just for fools
The world is full of losers
Pretending to know the answers

“I’m the only who knows”
Says the fake God just for show
Then he lost his head, suddenly dropping dead

I can’t live
Like this anymore

Stupid, stupid everything
Broken cities, breaking me
You can have the world
I don’t need it anymore

“If I stop fighting would you understand?”
Says the cutter in my hand

Spinning, spin
Don’t rewind
Now that you have lost your mind
It’s your world
There’s no me
I’ll be gone quickly
“I’ll help you fight until we’re dead”
Says the real me who suddenly lost his head!

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