Thursday, May 23, 2013

Who’s Afraid of the Wolf ? Translyrics

Who’s Afraid of the Wolf ? - GUMI& Hatsune Miku
Composer: OsterProject
Translation reference: Descent 87

It's been a while since I did another Osterproject song so...wolves aren't even that scary!  I tried to give it a fairytale feel and relate a few things back to the story of little red riding hood see if you can spot them ^_~

Once upon a time, in a land far,
far away, there lived a girl. 
She lived in a house deep in the woods,
where she spent most of her days…Ahh

Ah, day by day it’s all the same
I’m like a bird locked away in a cage
with no way to escape

Mama warned me about the witches and wolves
In the woods they hide away
So she won’t let me go outside to play

But the little birdies told me all about it
All those things, existing, inside the forest

Sunlight through the trees, and murmuring melodies
Talking with animals, it would wonderful,
I want to see it, this magical place just outside my door!

Wolves aren’t even that scary
They're something you say just to frighten me
I’m not a child don’t treat me like one! 
I can go outside by myself and have some fun

Tonight’s a full moon so I’ll leave
To discover all the wonders and mysteries
I sneak from the window, bit by bit
And run to explore the dark forest

The moonlight shines on some wild strawberries
And I try to pick all that I can possibly carry
As I walked through a path lined with daisies
I turned around and saw a wolf gazing straight at me

Hey Mr. Wolf what great big eyes you have to stare at me
Do you hear my heart with those great big ears?  Are you listening?
What a big mouth you have, you whisper to me, so gently, saying

“Poor little thing, I won’t be belittling, after all you’re not a little girl anymore”

So the wolf came nearer and nearer gently,
holding me closely, when suddenly,
He tried to bite me!

Wolves aren’t even that scary
“I’m not scared” I shouted while running quickly
Stained by these smashed strawberries
My clean little dress is now so dirty!

This dress was torn by those great big teeth,
Though I run away crying so bitterly,
The milk was spilled and I can never return,
“You can’t get back everything you want” I learned

Now the stories told make much more sense
There’s truth behind the pretense
The fairy-tales we all know
Aren’t just for show

Wolves aren’t even that scary!
What was scary was my naivety
I acted like a fool, breaking the rules
Being brash, trying to grow up way too fast

Wolves aren’t even that scary
They were expected to be frightening
But I thought nothing could happen to me
Always staying in my room, safe and soundly

With my clothes all dirty, I can’t go back home
And so through the forest I continue to roam
Although I wasn’t bitten or even engulfed
I had become a wolf!  

“If you try to lock a bluebird up
She’ll surely decide one day she’s had enough
She’ll break out and be killed by poison you see
A poison called curiosity!

Although we protect what we can’t bear to lose
We need to give others the right to choose
Or one day surely they’ll try to break free
Ignorance is not bliss nor is naivety

Wolves aren’t even that scary!
Wolves aren’t even that scary!
Wolves aren’t even that scary!
Wolves aren’t even that scary!
Wolves aren’t even that scary!

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