Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Blaze Translyrics

Blaze-Hatsune Miku
Lyrics: Sforza_t

One of my favorite Hatsune Miku songs EVER.  OMIGOSH VOCAROCK!  It’s so intense it’s like Vocaloid meets Naruto.  I have absolutely no idea what the story behind this PV is it’s pretty open to interpretation.  Personally I think Miku and KAITO were childhood friends but their families were enemies, and so they fell in love but couldn’t ever be together because their families hate each other, and then they both meet again at ninja school, but as enemies.  I feel like it’s one of those Romeo and Juliet sorta situations but hey it’s pretty open to interpretation.  In any case this song brings back memories of me when I was first getting into Vocaloid and reminds me how Vocaloid helped me in a lot of ways, so enjoy. 

Although the words you say sound so sweet
They fade away eventually, like brief memories
Flowing down the streets that melody
It’s all a lie but it made me feel happy
Whether I want to find all that
I left behind I’m still trapped
Tomorrow will come anyway

All of the past, all of my life, I’ve torn apart
If I look back, all I will see is a broken heart
Since I know this life I live is filled with tragedy
I can accept all my regrets and sleep

I hesitate because it scares me
The thought of somebody touching my unseen injuries
I want to hear it now that melody
that reminds me of what could never be
Whether I want to change my fate
Even if it’s too late
Tomorrow won’t be the same

All of the past, I’ve had to fight, I’m torn apart
I couldn’t see what was truly in my own heart
I pushed away all those fond memories I kept of you
Without knowing what is the truth

If I were to break all of the rules could I finally be with you?
Would our wish actually come true?
Or should I just resign and hide
All the tears and pain I feel behind senseless lies

The setting sun, the fading day, is far away
In the night sky, the moon is soon covered in gray
I know you can’t see the arm I’m stretching at the stars right now
But I wonder if I could reach you somehow

All of the past, all of my life, I’ve torn apart
As a result, I’ve found myself with a broken heart
I know this life I must live is filled with tragedy
I’ll accept all of the sadness and weep

And only then I can finally fall asleep

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