Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Rain Dream Tower (Amayumerou) Translyrics

Rain Dream Tower (Amayumerou)-Hatsuen Miku, Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len
Music, lyrics written by ひとしずくP(Hitoshizuku-P)
Mix by やま△(Yama)

Okay I've been busy with summer school but that's not going to stop me from posting some translyrics for Hitoshizuku-P's song Rain Dream Tower!  The song is about two orphans who were friends (Miku and Rin) become courtesans of rival companies, one day Len comes and promises Miku to buy her and take her away, however Len leaves and Miku either follows him or dies of a broken heart, leaving Rin alone.  Rin is the orange, Len is the yellow, Miku is the blue, and Rin and Miku is the green.  

Remember the words you said that day,
“I’ve come to take you from here, please wait”
The clock keeps on turning,
The seasons of yearning through yet,
I’m still here waiting for you

Gently, the snow dances in the night sky
Together in ripped kimonos both you and I
Are lonely, young, and shivering with cold
We only had each other to hold close

Smiling eyes filled with happiness and care
Tearful eyes filled with sorrow and despair
We both knew the harsh world of reality
And we promised each other we’d never leave

Evening comes, flowers beckon, attractive in the night
Like moths to light, like butterflies to sweet nectar
Beautiful kimonos think of nobody else
I lose myself
I bloom myself
Beautiful, flowering they come to me

Hey, they didn’t last the words you said
“Let’s always be together” echoes in my head
Seasons have passed, I’ve grown up fast
But I still want to believe in those words

It all began on a day like this
At dusk we made a bright promise
I can’t let them notice, my pain and loneliness
So I’ll restrain myself through the pain, and drown

On a street filled with the dim glow of twilight
I saw you and fell in love at first sight
But you were standing there with somebody else
So I kept my feelings all to myself

Before those tender eyes so filled with care,
There stood a blossom beautiful and fair
Together they stood with only skies above,
It was the start of a forbidden love

Love fills the night, with endless light, still shining in dark
Every part of my heart fills with love and joy
If loving you like this, brings me happiness
Then I…
Then you…
Should be happy, but alas that could never be

Remember the words you said that day,
“I’ve come to take you from here, please wait”
When you said “I love you” suddenly I knew
I could go on living if I’m with you

But, then please tell me why can’t we leave?
Why won’t you take me with you as we speak?
Then it came to me, the harsh reality
The words in my ears, disappeared

Ah the ashes of false love fade
Scattering in the dawn as the day breaks
Ah I wish it all had just been a bad dream
My heart aches ripped open at the seams
Ah I promised you in the sun’s fading light
Ah “I’ll wait for you until the end of time”
With a gasp the fragile blossom draws her
Last breath

At the sunset of that day
Remember the promise we had made?
“Let us be together for all eternity”
 “Maybe,” “Someday please”

I guess I knew it could never last
My blossoming first love is now in the past
Seasons have passed, I’ve grown up fast
But I’ll always carry this scar

At the sunset of that summer day
You broke that promise we had made
You left me alone without saying goodbye
But I’ll still wait for you until I die

Ah If I could return to that very day
Ah I wonder would my sorrows wash away.

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